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Artist Statement

To create art is to touch the real world… to touch life itself. When brush meets canvas, time stands still… a meditative state. No thought allowed…just reacting to what I see and translating to canvas. Yesterday does not matter and tomorrow is a world away.

Strong light… strong focus… tell the story… relate the emotion. Convey only what is important, yet tempt the imagination with what may be. I like to draw intimacy and paint impact.

What subjects do I paint? Pretty much anything! There are so many inspiring things in this world, why set limits? I do have tendencies…the natural world being the most prevalent.

I am not a daily painter. A weekly painter? Usually. I paint when I need to… when I’m inspired … I have no schedule. Art is my release from daily trials and tribulations… and it is time to share my art with the world… with you!
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