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Payment and Shipping

I sell all paintings unframed to keep your shipping costs down, but i want you to enjoy your new artwork right away and not incur extra expenses at the framing shop. That's why I make a point of doing most of my paintings in an 8" X 10" format that should frame up nicely in any standard matted 11" X 14" frame. Standard frames often already come with a matte, or you can purchase a pre-cut 11" X 14" matte with the 8" X 10" opening. Of course, you can also use an 8" X 10" frame without a matte. This should allow you to 'pop' your new painting in a standard frame and have it hanging on the wall in no time!

Acrylic paintings on paper should be framed the same as watercolor paintings, using glass to protect the painting.

Occasionally, I will paint a picture with a non standard size (7" X 10", for example). If you like, for an extra $10 USD, I can include an 11" X 14" white matte cut with the appropriate opening for the painting. I am not a framer... I am offering this for your convenience, and will only supply a basic white matte.

All paintings are sold unframed, and shipped sandwiched between rigid cardboard and packed in a book mailer.

If you order more than one painting, you will only be charged for shipping the first painting!

If you have any questions please contact me.


If the painting is for sale, the price is listed underneath the painting. All prices are in US funds. I only accept payment through Paypal at this time.

To make a payment through Paypal, please add the amount of the order + shipping and handling charges, and enter the total amount.

Proceed to follow the Paypal instructions.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Shipping and Handling:

  • $12.00 USD
  • Shipped via Small Packet - USA Surface (includes $100 coverage) 7 to 14 days
  • If you want any other shipping method, contact me for a quote.
  • Customer is responsible for any customs or duty charges.
  • Canada post has a different system for postage rates than the U.S.A., so it depends on your location. Contact me and include your postal code and i will send you a quote (it will be in the $12 to $16 range).
  • Contact me for a quote.
  • Customer is responsible for any customs or duty charges.

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