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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rocky Mountain Twilight

I don't remember the name of the mountain! I painted this from a photo reference I took while driving the Icefield Parkway between Banff and Jasper, Alberta Canada, and in typical fashion, didn't make any notes. Still, it's been on my to do list of paintings for a while.

A little story about when I took the picture...

The shot was taken from a bridge that crosses the river. I had parked the car at one end of the bridge and walked on, slowly, as I walk with a cane and not the most fleet of foot. While i was lining up shots, I heard a commotion in the bush, then a car horn and tires sliding on the gravel road at the other end of the bridge. A bear had run across the road about 30 meters away from me!

I swear i was using my cane to pole vault back to the car before that very ticked bear knew I was around! No harm came to the driver of the car or bear in this incident, thank goodness! But who says art isn't a dangerous business! :o)

acrylic on 12 X 24 canvas.

Rocky Mountain Twilight - 12 X 24 acrylic on canvas

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